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#1 Niche Tip to Getting You More Views on Social Media.

Tips for Getting More Instagram, Facebook, Social Media Views

Learning a few good Social Media Tips can grow your account super fast… and well we all want to do that, right?
This is a specific tip that will help you get more views on really any of the social media platforms available.

You definitely want to be honed in… Meaning you have to have a niche. (Or at least you should) You have to be focused and stay in your lane. Narrow down your niche so that when you speak to YOUR people they know that you are speaking to them.

When you simply post about anything… You think you are speaking to everyone but in reality, you are speaking to NO ONE… You have to know who your targeted group is and talk to them directly.
People are looking for what you have.

Don’t make them play hide and seek with you put the info right in front of them so they can grab it.
For instance, if you are teaching a group. You go into that class knowing what you are going to be talking about, you research beforehand and you come prepared. BAM… This is true for any social media platform.
Know your audience. Know what they are looking for. Have a solution for their problem and freaking tell them… Put it in their FACE. Don’t make them search.

If you are the type of person that wants to help everyone that is great but it flat out does not work for reaching your specific people when posting on social media. So be niche-specific.
(What tha heck is a niche, you might ask?) A Niche is what you are all about. Who you are helping and what problem you are solving. A Niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. It is offering products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.
I strongly feel that you will have a happier life if you truly have a passion for your niche.
For instance, if YOUR NICHE is DOGS and you hate dogs… You are probably not going to enjoy working that niche but if YOUR NICHE is BABIES and you love babies then you are more than likely going to love doing your daily work in posting and helping others with your niche.
The moral of that story is you probably want to like the niche you choose to market.

One of the BIGGEST tips that I can give you is to Give VALUE. People will love you, trust you and come back looking for you when you give them value. Something that will solve a problem that they have.

Let’s say that someone is looking for a way to make money online and you know a great platform that would help them reach their goal of making money online. Tell them that you have something that can help them. Give them a list of things that they will need to get started. Be basic. Do not assume that they know anything about this. For instance, you may want to tell them that they will need a computer, a place to work, internet, a comfortable chair, notebook for taking notes, a mouse and a mouse pad (For old school people like me who can not, for the life of me, use that computer without a mouse). You offer them free valuable information that will help them in what they are looking to achieve. Information that they will be thankful to receive and then you also offer them paid info that can help them, too. You want to make sure that the paid info you offer them is something that you would use yourself. Please don’t just grab an affiliate offer and put it out there. Heck, so many people are doing that and are putting a bad name on those of us that are truly offering programs that work. So please know your offers before you put them out there.

I like to look at my offers like this… Would I give this to my own mama to use? Would it piss me off if someone offered this to my mama or someone that I loved? If you are good with offering that specific program to your own mama then you are all good. If it would piss you off if your mama spent money on it… then you probably want to leave that offer alone.

Be ethical and real. Treat people like you want to be treated.

This business of helping people is simple. Don’t make it hard. Find out what they need and offer them a solution. Do that over and over and over. Always be honest and give value. They will never forget you.

And no I am not saying give it all away for free. Not at all. But it is way better to overgive value than to sell something that is no good. Make you some money. Help others out. Be the one that they tell others about. (In a good way).

Now go slay the internet world.

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