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A Funnel Is NOT a Website…

Yup I said it. A funnel is not a website…

You may have been told that it is but it is not… What I mean is that a WEBSITE is for Branding Yourself, it is YOUR Brochure your business card. And most people do NOT buy from YOUR Brochure or Your Website… HINCE why YOU NEED a Funnel…

When you have a website… Your customers are in control. They can do what they want to. They can click wherever they want to click. They are in control…

They can go to your videos, your freebies, your work with me page or anywhere on your website/blog. Do not expect to make any money from your website. Websites are NOT for Making MONEY. They are simply for BRANDING.

If you spend all of your time handing out Brochures (Your Website) you will totally kill your business. Not that your business is no good. It is not that at all. Not that YOU are not da bomb .com at what you do… You are the same person either way… You just need to know what marketing method really works and use it…

What your website hopefully does is keep you from losing money… and how do you do that??? By using YOUR FUNNELS correctly. Which is your Direct Response Marketing. This is the type of marketing that YOU do Want to be using. It is the Marketing that WORKS.. So from this day forward you want to be in charge of YOUR CLICKS.. You are a Direct Response Marketer!!! Say it after me… I am getting clicks… “I am the freakin Queen of Clicks”… I will never go back… I am laser focused on serving my clients and getting them to CLICK.

You may think that this is so basic… But if you are not laser focused on ONE FUNNEL ONE OBJECTIVE then you are missing the boat. So basically it is sink or swim. I am here to help you swim!!! and Just keep Swimming.

So you may be asking do I really need a website and a funnel? I say YES as they do work together to help your clients get to the solution that you are offering them. The Funnel has the steps to get them there and your website has the credibility that gives them the KLT that they need to continue. *Know, Like & Trust*

Your Funnels are what make you MONEY… So let me ask you this?? Are YOU using Funnels along with YOUR Website/Blog??

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Don’t EVER Let Anyone Steal YOUR Business by telling you what is and what isn’t. Do your own research and find out what is working and make it happen for YOU.. You Got This.


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