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Patti Allred

Your Side Hustle Solution Coach!

As a Grandma-Preneur I am on a mission to help Busy Moms with an Entrepreneurial Desire “Make Money Online” with a Side Hustle that will not take away YOUR Family Time! 

I help busy women (and a few brave men) who want to make an extra $500 – $1,000 a month or more with an Online Business/Side Hustle that is a good match for YOU! 

 A stressed-out mama, single mom, a working mom, stay home mom, grandma (like me), great-grandma, single woman, college student, high school graduate, someone who didn’t finish high school, someone who is just freakin tired of not having enough money….  And heck I even help some brave men, too!  

You could love your JOB but need more money or you could hate your JOB and want to eventually replace it.  You could not even have a JOB. (You may be like me UNEMPLOYABLE).  It boils down to this… Are YOU ready to stop the Frustration and Stress?? 

Invest in YOU!!

Let’s Get Started on YOUR New Journey, TODAY!

~Invest in YOURSELF~

 WHAT Can I Do for YOU?

With 35+ Years of Side Hustling under my belt I have done most of the Crappy Grunt work for you…  You are welcome…  Take advantage of that and know that I am not going to send you to a program, system, tool, or business that is CRAPPY or just plain Junk.  I ONLY promote things that I would promote to my Own Mama! And I will ONLY be recommending a Select Few!  Those that have a Simple Blueprint that is Proven to work.

I will be upfront with you.  I teach differently than most coaches, I sometimes butcher the English language and I most definitely don’t claim to know it all. But I have been doing this “Side Hustle” thing for 30+ years.  Yes, times have changed but the “Hustle” stays the same.  Let’s start building a solid “Side Hustle” foundation, for YOU!  One that will last for years to come!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.  

I am here to help YOU…