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Are YOU Tired of Wishing for a Better Life???

Tired of WISHING Your Life Was AMAZING?

Are you thinking everyday “Is this all it will ever be?  Will things ever change?  Why???

YOU were made to have the desires of your life… Not to struggle…

Want to start transforming YOUR life, today?

We are all given opportunities to make things better but are we really doing what we need to do to make it happen or are we just making excuses for not going all in?

I know I can be the QUEEN of Excuses…  Can I get a witness?

So don’t think I am up here acting like I am better than YOU…  I know EXACTLY what you are feeling and thinking…  I have been there and sometimes, I hate to say it, I revisit it… (But only for a short visit) kinda like visiting those kinfolk that you really don’t like.  Lol  (If you are my kinfolk, It’s not you!)

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to think that you have to “get ready” to make the changes.  You think you have to buy that course, read that book, get on that zoom, go back and find those notes and so on…  Oh how I can get caught up in that lie…  Don’t you get caught up in it, too?  And if you are allowing yourself to think that you have to do this or that before you can move forward.

STOP IT…  STOP IT NOW…  It’s a crutch…  It’s a pacifier to those of us that are really just freakin scared to go for it…  Can I get a Witness??

Those of you who have ever weaned a child from their paci can understand my analogy and you know that more than not there is a fight to be fought and it doesn’t happen overnight.  Can I get a witness??

So I am not saying that this is an easy task… but think about it… What would you look like with a paci still in your mouth???  Keep that picture in your head.  I am.  I am going to think about that every time I start to “EDUCATE” myself instead of “TAKING ACTION”.

Are you tired of trying to get your arms around things and they never seem to work out for YOU?

Listen… You are not missing what you are trying to get…  It is inside of you already… You just need to use it…  You have what it takes…  It is inside of YOU waiting for YOU to use it.

When you keep allowing yourself to think that you need to do “that course” before taking action you are missing out and will never be able to enjoy your success with any consistency at all.

There are certain things that you are going to have to recognize and realize if you want to change things in your life.  You have what it takes to be a person of love, joy, integrity, a person of peace AND a person that has self-discipline.

The most critical thing that you can have is a DESIRE.  You should keep your desire burning hot within you at all times.  Never let it burn out.  If you have let it grow dim… Stoke it and get it flaming hot, again.

Do know that once you finally believe in yourself and the fact that you do have what it takes to make your life amazing that it does not happen overnight.  Don’t get discouraged.  Know that it takes time for a seed to grow and a fruit to ripen the same as it takes for YOU to grow and ripen.

But YOU have to do YOUR part.  You have to desire it and be consistent even when you don’t feel like it.

It is so easy to pop that paci in and think that you are fine…  But you are just putting off what needs/has to happen to move you closer to your desire.

It is your God given talent to desire and drive forward but the actions remain in your hands.

Recalculate Your Life and get on the road to AMAZING, today.

You are allowed do-overs…  Thank Goodness…  Can I get a witness???

Stop doing the wrong things and Start doing the things that will get you to your life of AMAZING.

This is the way your life is supposed to be = Amazing..

Will you be challenged?  OH HECK YES…  Sometimes several times a day…

But don’t let those challenges beat you up… Let them LIFT you up and MOVE you forward in the direction that you are going…  Go towards Your Life of Amazing…  Fight for it.  Never give up.

Your inner hard-drive has to be filled with your fight, your plan and your map.  Visit it many times every day to give you clarity on your path and journey. 

You have to make this decision.  No one else.  Know that YOU have, within you, what it takes to succeed.

What is it that you desire? 

Commit yourself to accomplishing that!!!  Be led by the God given talents inside of you…  Know that YOU already have what it takes to get there.

Along the way you will have blessings and you will have tests…  But know that you have what it takes to get through any tests that come your way.

Whatever you do… Don’t quit…  Don’t just be a collector of information…  Taking notes is great… but refer back to your notes and don’t quit…  Keep going…

Efforts done in good faith are honored.  Always remember that.

Just begin your journey… You already have what it takes for this journey…  The rest will fall in place.  Not without pain, frustration and heartache but those are just bumps in your road…  Use those bumps to make you stronger and stoke your desire.   You got this.

I hope that reading this has given you back your hunger and thirst for YOUR true desires and the confidence that YOU already have what it takes to make it happen.

Want help in Your journey?  You ARE worth the investment! 

You are not weak for getting help, You are simply taking action to help you reach your destination with less bumps along the way…  Reach out to me for one on one coaching.  I care about your desires!


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