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Change is…

Change is scary, fun, hard, easy, necessary, painful, healthy, inevitable, and intimidating to many… (Among other things)

But… What if YOUR Change would not intimidate people,
but invite them…
Invite them to take their first step… First steps to being the person they desire to be…
First steps to show up for the battle of life as the warrior they are qualified to be…

Don’t be scared to make the changes necessary to go after your dreams. So what if they scare people? You will either inspire them to better themselves or they just ain’t your people! (Yes, I said ain’t)…

Stop sitting on the sidelines for someone to save you. The decision is YOURS. Rescue yourself as you are totally worth it.

If you don’t plan your life someone else will.
If you can not see yourself doing what you are doing today in 5 years… then you need to make some changes… and you are the only one who can do that.

Make the Transformation…

This is YOUR BEFORE… (Picture You Now).
What does YOUR after look like? (See yourself as you want to be).

Shift your identity into the person that you want to be. Own that person. Be that person.
Adopt the posture that you need for the change. Accept the person that you are becoming.

Welcome who it is who you are becoming. Change shows that you are still alive. Change shows that you want different.. Change shows that you are choosing wisely.

You need to do it and you know what it is but you are avoiding it. Stay on the path.
You know what you need to do. You know what I am talking about, right?

Take your vision boards, goal sheets, lists, and dreams and move forward. Don’t look back ONLY look forward. Snuff out those nasty little voices in your head… DO NOT Allow yourself to go there.

This is YOUR Permission to INVEST in YOU!!!

Make Yourself Proud…

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Change is... - Pattiallred