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Do YOU do THIS When $#!% Hits the Fan??

When Things Don’t Go The Way You Want…

Many times in your life things come up and you just freakin can’t make them go the way you want them to go. 

So what do you do??

Well sometimes you may blame others and continue to cuss the world.  Sometimes you may cry and say Why Me?  Sometimes you may just quietly sink into a world of depression and no hope… Can I get a Witness???

Am I saying that I never do that, HECK NO…  We are both human and we have feelings that come up and take over at times.  But what I am saying is take 30 minutes…  Yup, take 30 minutes to let yourself feel that way then CHOOSE to reel it back in and CHOOSE to make it YOUR mission to find the good in your situation.

I didn’t say that it will be easy, heck, it may be the hardest thing you have ever done but it will be the best thing you do for yourself and your family!!!

Recently, well actually NOW, my family and I are going through some times that we wish none of us were going through.  But the truth is we cannot do a dang thing to change what is happening…  OR CAN WE?

We can dig deep and find the GOOD…  We can thank God that things are not worse…  We can CHOOSE to make the absolute best of things EVEN when we do NOT want to… We ALWAYS have that choice…

I am telling you this because as an entrepreneur you WILL run into days that you just want to say #@%& It and go back to bed.  I know I do.  But then again AS AN ENTREPRENEUR you have to CHOOSE to pick yourself up and plow through the hard field of CRAPPY Days…  You will be so glad that you did. 

Turning over and going back to sleep (as I love to do) is freakin not your answer. 

Choosing to go after your dreams is the answer.

One way to help you do this with ease is to have a simple system in plan for whatever your Side Hustle is.  Have a, if I can say this…  A No-Brainer Day Plan for those days that you just freakin want to quit…

A plan that you can do within an hour’s time to keep your business up and running.  A plan that you could do basically with your eyes closed. 

Would that help you get through those hard days that ARE going to come up? 

I want to help you put this into place.  Heck it is even great for the days that are good, too.  It allows you to get your TO DO list done and then focus on growing elsewhere.  Maybe even adding another stream of income to your life…  Would more money help you??

I want to help you with that, too.

Basically I want to help you to NOT have to go through the things that I have gone through (or that I am going through) to get where I am today.  I want to help YOU bypass most of it if not all of the struggles and just plain crap that most entrepreneurs go through.  Would that be ok with YOU?

AWESOME…  Let’s START TODAY…  Like RIGHT NOW… Because this is not a magic trick and it will take place immediately.  This is a process that will take time but will freakin get you there. 

Think about this…  If you don’t do it and you keep doing what you are doing now (maybe working a 9-5 or a couple of part time jobs) where will you be in 5 years from now??? In the same situation that you are in now, if not worse!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein.

What I am going to show you You can do from HOME…  From your phone…  From Vacation…  From your current job (on your breaks of course) basically you can do this from anywhere. 

Are YOU Ready to stop the dang fall and start building??? Are you tired of just barely getting by? Are you tired of seeing others make it and you keep struggling?

Grab this list of Side Hustles that YOU Can Start Today… These are even GREAT for Beginners… These are Ones that I personally recommend and stand behind. Ones that I currently do myself… I would not recommend anything to you that I would not stand behind… And believe me there are tons of them out there that I would never recommend…

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