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Does Prozac Work???

Does Prozac Work???

Well…. Let’s See…
I have not killed ANYONE so Ima say that’s a YESSSSSS….

Do you have days when you can’t even catch your dang thoughts in your head??
You may have them often like I do…

I went to a friend’s house, yesterday, for a memorial for her sweet mama. I got to talking with the granddaughter and we talked about people being under so much stress and pressure.
We both said something like, thank goodness for meds that work.
I even said… I will wear that T-Shirt…

Let me tell you.. If you have never dealt with anxiety, depression, chemical imbalance or what I call the crazies… then please don’t judge me or others. It can be and is a living hell, at times.
And I for one thank God for the meds that help my chemical imbalance.

Anyway… I kinda got off on a squirrel run there.. (If you have been around me much at all… you know that I do that Squirrel thing often.)

The basis of this message is to let you know that it is OK to get help for things that go on in your life.
It is OK to take medicine if it helps a problem you have.
It is OK to want to feel better.
It is NOT OK for people to put you down or say that what you have going on is not real.
It is NOT OK for someone, especially someone who has not even had these problems to tell you that you will get over it. Just shake it off. Pray it away (and YES I totally believe in and rely on God) but sometimes, not all of the time, there is a real need for medicine. AND IT IS OK.

Life is hard and you need to do whatever it takes to make life easier and happy. (LEGALLY)… lol
So take this little message and know that YOU will be OK and that YOU do have permission to be ok and get the help that you need.
I love you and I am here if you need me!

Now I am on to get my affiliate marketing daily dos done. I love affiliate marketing. Don’t you? (or do you want me to teach you how to do it??) Hit me up if you do! I gotcha!

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