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How YOU Can Create Greatness… Starting NOW!

Absolutely, YOU Can Create Your OWN Greatness.. And YOU Can start NOW…

How do you do that?? FOCUS… FOCUS… FOCUS…

Simple and Hard all at the same time… Can I get a Witness??

It starts the second you wake up… You decide if you are going to have a great day or not.. You choose what you FOCUS on and what You FOCUS on YOU GET.

So whatever it is that you are wanting… That is where your focus needs to be. Because that is where your greatness comes from.

You want to be the very best at whatever you do. So when you apply yourself to what you are doing to day and you give it your best attention… you give it your VERY BEST… Then you can’t have anything less than a great day.

Now you are still going to have all of that craziness that goes on in life but as soon as you wake up in the morning focus on positive thoughts. Focus on what you want to happen. When the craziness happens it helps you become who you are and it shows who you truly are. It is all about how you handle that experience and how you come out of it. It is a conscious decision. Everything you do is a conscious decision. Right or Wrong. Good or Bad. Happy or Sad. But when you make up your mind that you are going to have the best day you have ever had then this is how you are going to do it.. Everybody you see, today, if you make eye contact with them SMILE. Smile and mean it. Let your smile show that other person that you mean it. That you have love in your heart and love in your heart and that you want to share it with others so that you are making a conscious decision to not only have the best day ever, but that you are making moves to help them have a best day, too.

Be the initiator….. Be the disruptor.. Initiate Positivity. Disrupt all of this crazy negativity going on around you and be the Initiator of all good things coming from you, today. Be the disruptor!!!

Make up your mind that THIS WILL BE THE BEST DAY THAT I HAVE EVER HAD (So far)!

When you make that conscious decision… normally what happens is that is how your day will start and end.

Make sure that you are starting your days, everyday, with that GREATNESS In You Attitude and by all means… Spread the love…

Take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening and write your thought process and see how your wins will start taking over you life because you will only allow positivity and greatness in your life…

Make the decision to make yourself a better person for YOU as well as to those that matter to you.

Add Value to everyone around you and start the process of living life on your terms and freakin being HAPPY!

Choose Happy, Always!! ~Patti

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