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Is Your “Hobby Mindset” Killing Your Business? 

Will Your Hobby Mindset Kill You? 

When you have a business that you genuinely love you CAN kill it fast with your hobby mindset. 

Love your business and what you do but make sure you are treating it like your business and not your hobby. 

Think of it by day and dream of it by night…  Think about that. 

Re-think your business… 

It should be a part of your DNA…  It is who you are.  And that is OK because this is how you are going to build your dreams and create your future for yourself and your family. 

As an entrepreneur, you do have to carve out more time of your day to focus on your business, more than you would if you had a job where you worked for someone else. 

Because as a person who is going after your dreams with creating your own business it requires you to spend more time, effort, and focus because the more time you put in the more results you get. 

If you have the mindset that you will only work a certain amount of hours a day on your own business, then you may just not be cut out to be an entrepreneur… 

Harsh?  Maybe…  But it is true.  So, when I say RE-think your business seriously take some time to think about what you want and start mapping it out to what you need to do to get it. 

Write down what you want.  Money, education, recruiting, sales, ranks, or whatever it is that means success to you.  Write them down.  Give yourself a time limit on accomplishing those goals.  Be realistic but don’t cut yourself short.  And always remember that goals can be changed.  And that you only fail if you don’t try.  

You must be responsible for YOU.  for putting in the time and the work.  You are Your own boss.  You are the one who sets the rules and decides if you are going to stick to them or not. 

You will let yourself down or you will make yourself proud.  It is all up to YOU. 

Never Ever Give Up… 

That is not an option.  Period.  Re-train your brain.  As an entrepreneur, you are depending on YOU.  Rethinking and Retraining your brain to work like an entrepreneur. 

We are programmed to think that our time is not wasted.  Our time that it takes to grow and learn is an INVESTMENT.  If you are willing to put the time in it will pay off. 

YES, it is true that you could probably go get a JOB and make more money than you would as an entrepreneur “AT FIRST”…  But you will be limited to what your JOB is willing to pay you for your time.  With that said it is usually a good idea to keep your JOB while building your business then replace that income and make the change.   

Staying at your JOB while starting your online side hustle business will mean that you may have to get up early or stay up late, miss a few tv shows, work on your lunch break and listen to audios while driving but I promise you that it will be so worth it. 

It is all about investing your time for a BIGGER Payoff. 

Your mindset has got to be on the accomplishments and not just the money made. It is about The Goal setting and the Achieving of The Goal. It is accomplishing your goals and loving that feeling of accomplishment.  That is what you need to focus on and then the money will follow. 

Money is a byproduct of accomplishing your goals!  When you focus on the money you are not focused on your goals.  Focus on your goals…  The money will come. 

Watch, Listen & Learn, be Consistent and NEVER GIVE UP. 

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