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My Purpose is… NOT to be the BEST…

My Purpose is….

NOT to be the One with the BEST:

  • training
  • funnel
  • landing pages
  • webpage
  • blogs
  • pictures
  • voice
  • videos

My Purpose is….  To let you know that YOU can do this and YOU don’t have to be PERFECT to get started or to be Successful…  Don’t let it be a problem to letting YOU getting to FREEDOM…

My Purpose is to BE THE BEST I CAN BE for ME and Be the BEST I can be for YOU!!

To help YOU be the best person YOU can be.  To help you dig down and grab YOUR SELF Appointment and START… 

No more waiting…  You have what it takes.  (I mentioned that in one of my past blog posts)

Stop freakin fighting with yourself on…..

  • What colors to use
    • The tags to use
    • The website building tool
    • The freakin landing page you are going to use
    • Does my picture look stupid?
    • Am I going to be embarrassed if my friends see this?
    • Should I just do this later?
    • Can I really do this?


“REFUSE” to let those conversations going on inside of your head continue to be a PROBLEM…


If you pick a platform that has an instant hit…  Instant response…  That is for the MOMENT!  That is not wrong just know that it is for the Moment and not the Longterm… 

  • YouTube is here for YEARS.  It is Evergreen…  L O N G T E R M

Get on YOUR Long Term Game Plan.

  • Get it Clear in your head and put it on paper (Yes you can make changes)
    • Who you are serving… what is your content… who needs you and what do you have to help them solve their problem?

Step into BEING…    If you are not willing to put in the long haul…  This may not be for YOU. 

This WWW is a Global Platform… And it is at YOUR fingertips…  But you cannot keep starting and stopping.  KEEP GOING!!!  Don’t Quit…

If you are not CLEAR…  Get some mentorship. Get some Help…  Get some support. 

Stop being the Lone Ranger…  Money is replaceable TIME is not.  Let that sink in… 

You can make more money but you cannot make more time.  WOW…

Have a good mindset…  Know that YOU CAN Do This…  NOW… Go Do It…

I Believe in YOU…

Choose Happy…  Know that things happen… but how YOU act about them is the KEY.

Tell yourself that IT IS NOT A PROBLEM…  No matter what life throws at you…  Find lessons that can help YOU grow.  Find ways to make things better.  Find solutions to help others.  This will make YOU STAND out ABOVE Others…  This will DEFINE YOU…

See How Can I Help YOU <<

Here to help YOU Succeed!!


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