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Simple or Hard?? Which are YOU Choosing??

Is Your Life Simple or Hard??

I think most people will stop and think a second but then they will probably answer HARD.

What is YOUR answer??

Maybe it is HARD but you want it to be SIMPLE?  Can I get a Witness??

Every day is a day for YOU to go out and apply yourself to live your life the way you want to live it.  You have the ability to make be better by applying yourself.  This cannot be done by sitting around scrolling on social media or changing the TV channels from one worth nothing program to another.  You have to be on purpose…  You have to be focused and ready with a specific plan of action.

So I want to ask YOU a question…  Why do we take the simplicities of life and make them hard??

Too many times you find yourself taking the simple things in life and making them hard.  Instead of simply applying the simple things and making them work you are busy looking for something else that is going to take you from where you are to where you want to be when all you have to do is STICK TO THE BASICS and APPLY the Simplicity to YOUR Life…  Knowledge does not make one the smartest.  It is how What You Know is used is what makes one the smartest.

If you don’t use the knowledge you know and use it the way you are supposed to be using it then you are just complicating things.  When you focus on all of the other things it dilutes the simple things that you are empowered with and you miss the dang boat.

Do you take the simple things in your life for granted??

Could it possibly be that you are chasing after 50-11 complicated/hard things when you have the simple things right in your hands that are all you need to help you reach your goals??

If you are chasing something it will NEVER WORK…  You have to take a deep breath and re-group and realize that you have what it takes…  You have it inside of you.  You may need some help finding it and that is ok…  Get the dang help…  Stop the dang struggling and chasing.  You are worth the investment if you are chasing and not applying what is real.  You are simply making it hard on yourself.  Stop it…

How do I know this???  I have all the medals, all of the trophies and all of the awards as well as the scars of CHASING after things instead of Keeping It Simple and using what I already have to reach my goals.

Do you find this happening?  Every time you start chasing after something and perusing something that you are on fire to happen….  Something happens alright…  You land flat on your face…  Maybe several hundred of dollars blown, maybe many hours wasted, and maybe your tail between your legs!!!

Do you relate to what I am saying??

Think about the times when YOU did see things happen…  When things started to shape up…  I bet you that it was when you were doing things the simple way…  Right??  So why on God’s green earth do you (me too) keep making things HARD???

We have to STOP it…  NOW…  Do You Agree??

We take the Simple things in life for granted… 

The process is Simple but it takes consistency and time. 

As long as you are willing to put yourself in the service of other people you will always be blessed in the direct proportions for your efforts expended

Let’s say that together:

“As long as I am willing to put myself in the service of other people, I will always be blessed in direct proportions for the quality of efforts expended”

Basically when we put a simplistic effort into helping others gain what they want without putting an ulterior motive behind or without a $$ or something that you are able to gain then you WIN.

It is called walking in faith…  Keeping it Simple and Simply helping others Succeed.  Therefore the law of reciprocity kicks in and it reciprocates into your life.  Meaning that whatever you do, what seeds you plant, that’s the harvest you are going to get.

And it can happen as fast as you want it.

So maybe, just maybe if you stop being so frustrated and running to and fro chasing after the hard things and you simply sit still and focus on helping others then a whole new world will open up for YOU.

There are unlimited things in life that you can do.  You can do them daily and from YOUR HOME.  Actually when you have a smartphone you can do it from anywhere.

But tons of people are looking to do this “Make Money From Home” thing and I freaking get it.  With all that is going on around us WHY THE HECK NOT???

So my question is??  Are YOU going to continue to make this HARD on yourself or are YOU ready to go the SIMPLY way?

If you are ready for a SIMPLY Plan of Action then WHOOOHOOO for YOU…  I cannot tell you how much better if feels when you take that Heavy Load of HARD off of your shoulders and start doing things the Simple way…   ARE YOU READY to Do it the Right Way???

Then wait no longer…  Go HERE NOW and Freakin Start…

When you choose to purchase one of the Simple Systems that I recommend, through my link, I will give you a BONUS 30 minute, One on One call with me!!!!

A Simple Plan of Action = Amazing Wins…

Remember to ALWAYS Choose Happy!

Find out what I recommend, for YOU, HERE.

Go Hug Your Loved Ones!



My Mission:

I am going to apply this to my life and I am going to simplistically help other people understand how to grow and succeed SIMPLY and not hard.  PERIOD…  I hope you accept my offer.

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