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So you screwed up AGAIN?

Me, when I screw up AGAIN!!!

Screwing up is a good thing. Well, that is if you learn from your screw-ups…

Think back on some of your best/worst screw-ups and write down a few things that you actually learned from them.

This type of education is way better than any paid program or coaching that you could ever buy. Mainly because it is specific to YOU and no one else. Although you can learn from others’ mistakes the lessons are taken way better when it is personal to you! Don’t you agree?

Fear of making mistakes can actually cause you to be cheated out of what God truly has in store for your life. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to mess up. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and grow into the strong person that you know you were put here to be.

Do you agree with me that you were taught to stay in the safe lane and do what others are doing? You were told that doing things differently is wrong when in fact it is exactly what you should be doing. Think of how boring this world really would be if we all did the same things over and over and over again…

Well, sometimes you may call that comfort and safety when in fact you should be allowing your inner self to explore and create the visions that you see… The visions that you dream about. Be different… Be the person that YOU know you are supposed to be.

Stop letting yourself feel bad for wanting to do things differently from the way you were taught. I am not saying that you have to prove that you are a badass…. but then again… Hey, if that just happens then let it…

Be different, be bold, be strong but mostly BE YOU!.

Working from home can be a struggle as other people (mostly family and close friends) think that you are sitting around doing nothing and have all the time in the world to do whatever you want. They don’t understand that you are fighting with trying to keep a schedule to get everything done that you need to do for your business as well as fix food and clean the house… And not to mention be the sounding board for everyone who thinks you are just sitting at home doing nothing.


Don’t you love it when you are being major productive and you get a call or someone knocks at your door and it throws you all off track? This happens several times every day. Not just ever so often.

Do you ever feel like you would get so much more done if you locked yourself in a room and turned your phone off?

I want you to know that you are not alone when you feel like people are judging you for working at/from home. You are not alone when you make mistakes and you are definitely not alone when you know that YOU ARE MEANT FOR MORE…

Us Work from Home women are a different type of person. We are SPECIAL…

Never forget that!!

Now go screw something up!!!

I got your back!

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