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Sometimes it’s a FREAKIN “2” Prozac Day…

Sometimes it’s a FREAKIN “2” Prozac Day……

Stop right here…  If you don’t believe in taking Prozac or similar then please move on to another blog posts…  Andddd for heaven’s sake please do not try to explain to me how something could be better for me…  Listen…  I am 57 freakin years old and I have NOT killed ANYONE YET.. So this works for ME… 

If you totally get where I am coming from then this blog is for YOU…

High “Freakin CRAZY” Five….

Yes, even the best of us have those days…  Can I get an AMEN??

Some days are just like that but the good thing is that they don’t have to stay that way!!!

Can I get Another AMEN???

I am so thankful for the fact that I have found something that keeps my chemical imbalance in check.  Cause I don’t look good in Orange…  lol

I am truly blessed and I really am more of a positive person… but I am also a REAL Person.  Lol

So what I want to get across to you is that it is totally OK for you to have a day like this…  What is not OK is if you let it continue. Yup, no matter what life throws at you it is your choice as to how you act and respond to it. 

My motto is to Choose Happy. 

So with that said, I am popping my (what I call my crazy pills) and I am choosing happy.

I hope you do the same, too.

Choose Happy!

Life is WAYYYYY Better when You are HAPPY.


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