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The ONE Thing You NEED To Have a Successful Business…

The One Thing You Have To Have To Have a Successful Business…


So How do YOU get LEADS??

Have GREAT Value…  Get it out there…  Stop the scroll…  Grab the leads…

#1.  Set up a Schedule for YOU to stay on task and always SHOW UP.

  • Facebook Lives
    • Blog Post
    • IG Lives
    • Emails

If you give amazing and valuable content and do it at pretty much the same time every day…  People will show up…  People will follow you…  People will become your leads… Clients… Customers…  Let people know when you are going to show up…  They will expect it.

Make your schedule realistic…  Then just show up…

#2.  Visibility

  • You have to advertise so others will know you are going to show up.
    • Be consistent so they will remember you
    • Invest your money & invest your time to be known.  Being Visible. Marketing, Showing Up.
    • Be Consistent… This is so important that I needed to list it again.
    • Know that most people will catch your lives on replay
    • People want valuable content to help solve them problems

#3.  Lead Generation (Most Important Part of your Success)

  • You did your Incredible content that stops the scroll
  • You are generating Massive visibility
  • Next is…

Leads to turning them into LEADS/CLIENTS is where your Lead Gen comes into play:

  • Have a funnel where you are collecting the leads from doing your actions such as:
    • Facebook Lives with a call to action for them to opt in
    • Opt into a webinar or workshop where you make an offer at the end
    • A funnel with a tripwire (giveaway with an option to buy something).  This is the KEY with your funnel.  Having a Call to Action (CTA) that leads people to either *book a strategy session with you that give them a complimentary call with you to see if it makes sense for both of you to work together.  *Have an offer that they can purchase online
    • Once they opt in.  DELIVER.  Give more value than they expected. 


You may be visible but may not be getting the sales…  You have to have a way to convert your clients to sales…  Ask people questions…  Have post that are getting interaction with people.  STOP the SCROLL info.  Figure out what YOUR Lead Gen is for YOUR Funnel.  Examples:

  • Workshop
  • Facebook Lives (with CTA)
  • Free eBooks
  • Funnel in whichever platform you like using
  • Instagram Strategy (fill out an app to see what they are looking for)
  • Podcast (fill out an app for strategy session)

The Cycle:  

  • **Your Schedule…
  • Stick to your schedule as close as you possibly can

  • **Get Visible
  • You have to be consistent with getting visible and maximize your visibility

  • **What is your Lead Gen tool?
  • You have to have a way to convert your leads into actual sales


Understand what it takes…  Get all of your pieces in place…

No matter how visible you are if you do not have a Lead Gen you are wasting your time.

Schedule for your content

Maximize your content and visibility

What is your lead gen mechanism?

If you have a lead gen mechanism but still not growing your leads then it is probably your content.  Your content has to be something that someone wants to ready… Click Here>> and you may want to try this awesome program out… For step by step, over the shoulder teaching that will help YOU create killer content and funnels which will help you generate awesome LEADS…

I offer Side Hustle consulting to help you get clear on the best Side Hustle for YOU.

Ready to Level Up??  Reach Out to me.  My assistant will forward me your info and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

DON’T Slack on YOUR Business…

You CAN Do This…

I Believe in YOU!!!

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