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THINK You are Fully Engaged?? Then You Get That Dreaded Call…

THINK You are Fully Engaged?? Then You Get That Dreaded Call…

Having a family, a business, and a life can be hectic… Can I get a witness??? 

Family, alone, can take up all of your time!!!  Then add in your business/job on top of everyday life…  WHEWWWW

Being Committed and Fully Engaged is important in every walk of your life.

BUT it is SO Important to understand that….  Being BUSY is not the same as being Totally Committed and Fully Engaged.  Even when it feels like it!  You must, for YOUR Sake realize and recognize the difference.

Finding the right balance is KEY to enjoying Your life and reaching Your Goals.

The End….  Have a great day… 

No, really I am sure you are asking…  OK, so tell me how I do that???

It all comes down to Obedience…  Yep, that simple by powerful word OBEY…

OBEY What??

Obedience in your life should start inside of you.  Deep down inside you know what is right and what is wrong.  Putting those things in order is so important.   Basically… DO WHAT IS RIGHT… 

It sounds so simple… butttttt we all know that it is or can be a HUGE struggle.

Honoring YOURSELF can be one of the biggest battles you will ever fight.

But once You get a hold of that virtue, life as you know it, will begin to change and things will start falling into place. 

No No No I didn’t say you will never have struggles or problems or setbacks.  But what I am saying is that if YOU Obey yourself and stay disciplined y……  My phone rings… It’s our youngest son saying that he had just hydroplaned getting on the interstate and totaled the truck. 

My brain started flashing in all directions.  Wait was he in the Fire Truck (he is a fireman) no he had just gotten off a 48hr and ran home (which happens to be directly across the street from us) he kissed his fiancé and her little girl, changed his clothes and hopped in his truck to go to his second job. 

He ALWAYS looks my way and waves, signs I LOVE YOU, and waves again.  Now he does it at his house and mine… 

I quickly remembered that he had just waved at me 10 minutes ago so I knew he was not in driving the firetruck or Ambulance he was driving his truck that he had just spent 9 long months on getting a new motor in it that he dreamed of having…

I asked him if he was ok and he said his abdomen was hurting but he thinks he is ok.  He did say that he called EMS to come on out but then cancelled them…  (That is for another story post)

I quickly got dressed, called his daddy and hurried to the interstate.   Not really sure how I made it without crashing myself…  But thank God for guiding me there.

When I finally get through all of the traffic…  This is what I see:

Thank YOU JESUS…  My son is alive and well.  He is sore and will be for a few days but he is ALIVE.  And on top of that NO One else was hurt or involved. 


I will continue my story on being Fully Engaged but I want to end and spend some time with my FAMILY…  We are so blessed.

Remember to ALWAYS Choose Happy!

I am so thankful that I work from home and could run out as soon as my son called and I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission…  Working for yourself is a blessing. 

Find out what I do to work from home HERE.

Go Hug Your Loved Ones!



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