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TikTok Tips for Beginners

Tips For TikTok Traffic and more.

Listen if you are not on TikTok answer me this… Why tha heck not???
It is fun…
It is free…
It is fun and free…

If you have thought about it but just don’t know how to get started I did a quick and detailed video training to help beginners and you can get it here if you want to… No laughing at me… (I will find you) bahahahaha

When I first heard about TikTok I thought hummmm sounds interesting. Then I looked at it and I said oh that’s a negative batman… I already waste way too much time on social media.
Boy was I EVER wrong about that.

I am not sure how many months it was before I finally took the TikTok Plunge but I am so glad that I did. And hey even if it is gone tomorrow I am glad that I had my TikTok experience. No, I don’t think it is going away anytime soon but… We all saw what happened with Facebook and Instagram not too long ago, right?
Tip: Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

TikTok Tips:

>Get Your TikTok (Just Do It).

>Follow ME.. LOL

>When you see a video that you like SAVE IT in your Favorites.

>When you hear a song that you like SAVE IT in your Favorites.

>Do at least one post a day. (time of day seems to make a difference).

>When you do a live on Facebook use that live and cut it up into several TikTok videos.. extra tip: use it for IG Reels, IG Stories and FB Reels & Stories… BAM.

>Keep a list of your favorite #s (Hashtags) handy for when you just can’t think. lol

>Hashtags are important and you need to keep them revelant to what you are posting about. Sometimes the hashtag of the song that you are playing will help boost your views.

>Doing Lives on TikTok can explode your followers, too. So keep that in mind.

>Duet some famous TikTok people (don’t know what duet is you can learn in my discounted training here)

>Take an hour or so one day a week and load up 7 – 10 TikTok videos so you can just click the post button for posting daily. (This is one of the best tips ever).

>Jump on some lives and see how other people are doing their lives.

>Decide what you are going to do on your TikTok. Don’t be all over the place with your videos being over here and over there about all different things. Pick a lane and stay in it. Yes you can venture out every now and then but it is best to stay on track. For example: Make Money Online Line. Health & Wellness. Pet Stuff (which is huge). Baby Stuff (which is huge, too). Anyway, you get my point. Pick Your Lane.

>Don’t get sucked up in spending too much time on TikTok. It is so easy and time just freakin flies when you are on it. Set a timer if you need to do so. No more than 15 mintues a day just watching should be good for anyone. (Yes, I am talking to myself, too)

>Make your profile simple and to the point of why you are there and what you are offering.
Put a link in your bio as soon as you can. (Again, you can get this info in my training)

These few tips will help you get started on TikTok and I haven’t even gotten into the fact that you can actually make $$$ on TikTok and not just from driving traffic to your product/website/page.

TikTok is not just for kids. It is for EVERYONE. Just find your groove and Do It.

>I am here to help YOU Succeed with as much ease as possible.

~Patti your Grandmapreneur and Mee-Mee

Always Choose Happy!

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