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Tired of Trying to be Seen & Known in the Online World?

How to be SEEN and Known FAST!

I admit – I have tried pretty much every visibility plan out there.

After being online for over 15 years –

I have pretty much tried it all…  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Which is a good thing because I can tell you what works and what doesn’t work without you having to go through all of the years of doing the grind that I have done.

The things that don’t work are this:

*Thinking an online business will be easy and just happen

*Thinking you will get rich overnight

*Thinking you will get clients without actually having a clear plan

*Freakin complaining when you don’t get the results that you didn’t freakin work for…

*Not investing in the education you need to actually run an online business

Okay that all aside -Now here is one thing that DOES work to get you SEEN super-FAST:


Focus on one (ONE) social media visibility strategy for 90 days.(90 DAYS)

Let me repeat myself because I needed it repeated to me umpth-teenth-times

FOCUS on ONE Social Media visibility plan for 90 days!!!!

Put everything else on hold – (oh yes it may hurt… but DO IT)

Become the QUEEN of that visibility plan and put your all into it!

Show up every freakin day – build your community of amazing fans that expect you to show up!

For example, if you are going to use FB Lives as your Visibility plan – show up every day at the same time. (Or as close to it as you possibly can)

Do that Visibility plan until you rock it –

Here is what will happen….messages will start to slide into your inbox.

People will start asking to work with/help them.

It happens every day for me because this is what I do –

I show up & do my thing.

What about you?


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