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What does it take to be FEW?

Most Don’t

Be a FEW…

It takes Massive Action to be a FEW.

Most businesses do not succeed. 96% of businesses fail.

Some fail twice and some fail twenty times…

The only real failure is when you quit trying.

Reasons come FIRST and answers come Second.

Figure it out along the way. Just freakin Do It..

What you need… You need a tool… This tool is

Enthusiasm passion drive

Starting off with MOMENTUM is great but what happens
when things change? When things don’t go the way you
want them to go. Or life changes and you take a hit?

How do you keep the MOMENTUM going then?

EXECUTION… Doing it Anyway…
Doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it.

POTENTIAL >>> What you can do!!! (Not what you will do).
ACTION >>> Massive Action KNOWING You will Succeed.
RESULTS >>> Results in your mind of what your success is.
BELIEF >>> See, Feel, and Experience Your Success as if it is DONE.

To Master those steps take repetition. Doing it over and over
and over again.

Change your results by changing your results in your head until
they change in life.

Never settle for less than you can do, be, share, create and give.

Get Obsessed with your Why.
Take Massive Action
(Focus on what you really want) Don’t even think about what you don’t want.
Acknowledge the Grace in your life. (Give thanks for what you have and more will
come your way).

You may be thinking I have heard this over and over again….

Well… Maybe just maybe you need to TAKE ACTION.
Do what you are being told…

Keep Getting Clear!!!

Work Harder on YOURSELF than you do on YOUR JOB..

Take Massive Action EVERY DAY…

Go past that thing that is holding you back from success…

Because Success is right on the other side of it.

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