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What?? I Just Lost a Whole Year!

Yup, it’s true… I just lost a whole dang year…

I was doing my weekly live in one of my Facebook groups for some Amazing Entrepreneur Women and I listened to the replay, which I hardly ever listen to my lives or videos… but anyway, I listen to it and realized that I said, not once, but twice that this year was 2020 and we were going into 2021…

Wow, just wow… How does that even happen? We are just about through this 2021 year and I am still calling it 2020!!!
I got to thinking and you know it kinda has some truth to it though… Can I get a Witness??
We ALL pretty much have lost a year… Heck, we pretty much have lost two years with all of this “Stuff” going on…

OK, enough about that. Let’s move on…

Can you even believe that it is DECEMBER 2021? Does it blow your mind like it blows my mind?
Almost time to close out this 2021 Year. Almost time to get those 2021 taxes going. Does anyone else dread just getting that stuff together? I say, every year, that I am going to have it all together each month so that in January I will call my accountant and say “Guess What Home Boy”? (inside joke but yes, I call my accountant Home Boy). I have everything ready for you…
Bahahahahahahahha… NOPE, Not gonna happen this coming year, either…
But you know what, with this past year I don’t have as many papers to go through which is good and bad… Can I get a Witness??

Today, in my live, I talked about how doing this one thing is only good if you take action on it. You probably do this thing, too. It is making a list of ToDos.
Are you like me and spend quite a bit of time making sure that you have everything that you need to get done written down? Do you put it in your calendar, phone, and write it down on a daily list?
Heck, I put it everywhere… Do you?

You know what? If you are spending more time on making your list than actually doing the task on your list then what is the point?
Do you ever feel like that you have accomplished something when you have that LIST written out all pretty ready for those little, or maybe BIG, checks?

I think it just might give some of us a sense of false security as far as getting work done. I know it does me. So I am making a shift and I am going to start making a list of things that I ACTUALLY Do and see how that works out for me. Now I will still have my list to keep me on track but I am not going to put as much effort into making it as I have been doing. I am just going to get it written down and make some copies of it instead of taking the time to actually write it out for each day.

Maybe you need to change up some things that you do to actually help you get your WORK done more instead of getting your PREP Work done.
Prep work is important but it does not need to keep you from actually doing The WORK.
Can I get a Witness??

I hope this has helped you today.
I hope that something I have said has helped you make your workday more simple. (simpler?) lol
Either way… Always remember to Choose Happy…
I truly care about YOU and YOUR Success,

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