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What Is Your FAITH Muscle?

Your FAITH Muscle

You have MANY Muscles in your body but which ones are you using the most?  I am pretty sure some of my family and friends would say that I use my JAW Muscle the most!!  Lol..

No seriously think about this…  How many Muscles do you have??  Heck, I don’t know.. 

I would have to google that but I know it is a LOT. 

Today I want to ask you if you are using YOUR FAITH MUSCLE or are you letting it atrophy?

I think we all could use a big kick in the ATROPHY to get us going…  lol

We are given this FAITH Muscle when we are born.  We have FAITH in so many things… then what happens to most of us?  Yep, we start letting FEAR take over.  Why do we do that?

Using our FAITH Muscle is something that we have to practice, daily.  It slips away from us and it does not just slip back.  We have to fight for it.  And believe me…  It is so worth fighting for…

YOU are worth fighting for…

Once you get in the habit of allowing FAITH muscle to do what God gave it to you to do you will start seeing changes that will blow your mind.

Things will start to happen, things will start changing… but it is NOT EASY…  But it is soooo worth it.

Your struggle is only molding you and preparing you for the next level of whatever is coming your way.  If it is taking longer than you think it should then you simply need to focus on practicing FAITH Stronger.  The Stronger YOUR FAITH becomes the quicker you get the results that you have been praying for.

God will always present you the solution to your struggle but you have to take a hold of the solution and that releases the blessings and take action.

Why am I even going here, today?  Because I sincerely want to help YOU take the necessary actions that you need to create the changes that you desire the quickest and best way possible.  I want to give you the key to unlock your struggle.

God put us here to give hope to others.  Your story is the most important thing that you have to communicate with others. 

Someone needs you to show up today.  But you can’t effectively show up until you allow your FAITH Muscle to work in you the way it is meant to work.

I believe in YOU.  I pray for YOU.  I know YOU are worth the fight.  It is time for YOU to believe it.

God put a leader in you…  Do not miss your opportunity to tell your story to help others as you use your FAITH.  Stay Focused.  Have FAITH.  Make up your mind to accept that fact that God did not put you hear on this earth to be broke, poor and or sick…  That is a LIE that is fed to you daily…  Do not allow it to take over you.  Don’t do it…

Start today and use your super natural powers and allow them to take over your life.  It is never too hard to conquer and it is WORTH the battle..  YOU and YOUR FAMILY are worth the battle…

Take on that mindset TODAY…  You are a warrior and you have a purpose to fulfill.

It is not going to be easy but anything worth having is not easy.  But once you get committed to yourself and begin loving what you are seeing and feeling and you finally believe that you deserve the life that you want to have there will be absolutely nothing that can stop you.  The ONLY thing that can stop you is YOU.  Don’t quit again.  You can do this…  I believe in YOU.

I want to help YOU…  I truly do…

It’s not an overnight thing.  But neither is the STRUGGLE…  Invest in YOURSELF.  You are worth it…  YOUR Family is worth it.  Choose Happy…  Let me help you on this journey.

When you choose to purchase one of the Simple Systems that I recommend, through my link, I will give you a BONUS 30 minute, One on One call with me!!!!

A Simple Plan of Action = Amazing Wins…

Remember to ALWAYS Choose Happy!

Find out what I recommend, for YOU, HERE.

Go Hug Your Loved Ones!



My Mission:

I am going to apply this to my life and I am going to make myself available to help other people understand how to grow and succeed SIMPLY and not hard.  PERIOD…  I hope you accept the challenge.

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