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What Will You Do With It???

What Will You Do With It???

Yes, YOU??

We are always asking for your goals…  What do you want?  What is your WHY?  How much, per month, do you want to make?  And most of us have a number that we think will help remove the struggle from our lives.  You are probably quickly adding up, in your mind, your bills, your loans, a new car and maybe you and your spouse’s income to come up with an amount that will “Set You Free”

So you say your goal is to make X amount of money a month…

Whooohoooo…  Awesome for you that you have an amount in mind for your goal

But….  What do you have in mind to do with it once you reach it?

What will change in your life when you reach that goal?

               Will you retire?

               Retire your spouse?

               Go on a vacation?

               Pay off your house?

               Buy a house?

               Spend more time doing XYZ?

               Buy a car?

               Keep on working?

               Set another goal?

Tell me…  What will you do with it???

Having a monetary goal is good and important but that should not be your main goal.

Your main goal should be and really is what will happen when you receive that amount of income.  What will change in your life?  What will you do with it???

This may hit you hard, like it did me when I first really understood what it meant.

Yes, I had a number and Yes I have dreams and goals but did I really have a PLAN???

To my surprise I didn’t…  I am not going to admit it I was a little embarrassed and a lot shocked…

But what this should do for you is actually help you see clearer and have a more defined path on reaching your goal.

Do you see yourself with your spouse doing certain things during the week that you can’t do now?

Do you see the mail carrier passing by your house because you don’t have bills coming in?

Do you look out of your window and see your car and think OH HECK YEAH?

Because if you are only seeing things that are happening now or that have already happened then you are totally missing it…

You should be replaying things in your mind that you see happening in the future.  Yep, reliving things that have not actually happened yet.  Remembering that vacation that you and your family will be going on.  Remembering paying for everyone’s night out that is coming up.  Remembering not having to get up and rush out to that JOB that you no longer have.

This may sound silly or even impossible but PLEASE, PLEASE hear me out when I tell you that your mind does not know the difference and that YOU CAN Do this and this will help YOU get to your true goals with more ease and have a stronger desire.

Do yourself a favor and just try it out for the next 30 days.  You will need to write things down and YES you can make changes as needed.  That is allowed…  Hey, this is YOUR Journey…  You make the rules…

But choose them wisely.  Because we only have one real Journey and it is a short one.


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