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Working Women Wanting to Quit Their 9-5 Job to Work From Home Will Have Problems….

Wanting to leave your Corporate America (9 – 5 Job) to work from your home is exploding all over the world.

It could be that due to the craziness that has happened in the past year and a half has gotten people to thinking that maybe it would be better if they worked for themselves instead of someone else.. DUH….

But when someone mentions that they want to quit their TRADITIONAL JOB and work for themselves most people look at them like…. YEAH… RIGHT…. Only the RICH people do that… DUH again..

Women, especially, get hit hard with that mindset of “Oh if you are not going to work at a 9 – 5 job then you need to be taking care of your house, babies, husband, pet, family and everyone else!” kind of attitudes….

Some of the biggest problems that women find themselves facing when they are transitioning from working for someone else to working from home is that for some reason people think that they are available to be called on at any time and are expected to drop everything and do what other people want them to do.

You know the well you don’t work and I do so you can do this for me mindset…. Or the you can do your work anytime so it shouldn’t matter when I call you to do something for me… You can just finish your work later….

One of my favorites is when people want you to watch their kids because you work from home. Can I get a Witness??

There are other problems, too… Like: When should I get up and get started? Should I get dressed? What time do I eat breakfast? What time do I eat lunch? Should I do laundry while I am working? Do I really need to put on makeup? Do I want to work from my bedroom, living room, kitchen or office today?

I think my biggest problem is me trying to find where I put my coffee??? Can I get a Witness??

But seriously when you, as a woman, decide that you want to start working an online business (Side Hustle) and eventually replace your 9-5 job you will definitely need to know that some (probably a lot) of the people/family/friends that you hang out with will need to be limited or changed…

Don’t feel bad for working on YOU and YOUR life. Go for it!! You Deserve It..

Find likeminded women and get the support that you need to help you on this awesome journey!

NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOU.. Even when there are problems.. Make them a good thing.


My final word for YOU for today…. OK, it’s two words.. CHOOSE HAPPY! It is ALWAYS the BEST Choice!

To Your Success,


Your Side Hustle Solutions Coach!

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