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Worry or…

Worry or what???

You have a choice.. You can choose to WORRY or you can choose to: Wish, Worship, Wonder, Whine, Wait, Watch, Waste or you can freakin WORK… Yep, Work for what you want. (And that was just a few verbs that start with W the list could go on and on.) But let’s Choose “WORK” instead of Worry.

Why Work? Because you can Work for a better life. Work for that extra income. Work for that cash for Christmas. Work for that vacation you dream about taking… I think you get my point.

You have a choice. No matter what. I know because I have been there… I have had those days where I just didn’t want to do a dang thing but sit, think and WORRY. Well let me tell you that WORRY is one of the biggest ways to waste your time EVER… Worrying is something that we all do from time to time and I get it. I really do. But please hear me out when I say that Worrying never solved any problem. It never paid any bill. It never got you any promotion or put food on your table or shoes on your kid’s fee. Can I get a Witness??

I want to talk with you about getting that nasty W word out of your life.

I am sure you have watched someone you love pretty much worry themselves to death. It may have been your own mama or a close friend. But I can bet you one thing… Them worrying never helped their situation or made anything better, right?

Yes, I know it is easier said than done. I know that because I used to worry about everything and anything.

Have you ever lost sleep worrying about things like sickness, job situation, appointments, money, weather, school or anything like that? I know I have. We are not born to worry. We somehow just learn it on our own. UGH…

So how can you stop worrying and turn it into something productive? One way is to make a list of things that you are thankful for. What are some of the things that you are blessed with? Maybe a place to live, a bed to sleep in, heat and air, clothes, food, a vehicle, lights, gas and on and on and on… That right there is enough to be thankful and not worry. Can I get a Witness??

Maybe you worry about not having enough money to get to the goals that you want to accomplish. That is when you need to change your worry into work. Make a list of the things that you want. Maybe things that you want to change, like pay off some bills, a newer car, nicer clothes, going out to eat more often or going on a vacation. Come up with how much money it would take to get to one of your goals and then make the decision to find a “Side Hustle” to make some extra income to reach that goal.

You may have to make a few changes as to how you go about your day for instance you may have a Side Hustle that you will need to get up a few minutes earlier to work on or go to be a little later. Some Side Hustles are so where you can work on them through out your day in 10-15 minute sessions. Yep, I know some people who have increased their income by getting up 30 minutes earlier and some have sat in their car during lunch and worked on their side hustle while eating. I also know some people who have cut out watching their favorite TV show and choose to use that time to grow a Side Hustle that helped them reach goals that they would have never reached by continuing to do the same thing they have done for years. Yes, it is really that simple. EASY, maybe not.. But it is SIMPLE if you decide that your goals are more important to you than staying the way you are.

Once you make your mind up to do what is necessary to make your life better the changes are not as hard and they get easier and easier the more goals you reach.

You do need to know that it is a process and is not an overnight magical thing that happens. You have to know what you are going after and know how you are going to get there. Then you make the decision to be consistent NO MATTER WHAT… And Just Do It..

I say this a lot. Think about your life… If you keep doing what you are doing with little to no changes what will your life look like a year from today?? Scary, huh? Well it doesn’t have to be and you hold the key. The key of deciding to make the changes necessary and find a proven blueprint/program to help you reach your goals. DAILY.

Have short term goals as well as long term goals. Seeing check marks makes me happy and helps me see progress so I suggest that you create a path that will give you incentives to keep on going… Because you will have days that you just want to quit…

So to sum things up you need to:

*Start with a Plan… Write it out. (Don’t worry(lol) you can change it later).

*Find a good, solid program with a blueprint that is step by step to help you get started with a Side Hustle.

*Join a networking group for help and support.

*Surround yourself with the right people. (This is more important than most people realize).

*Make sure you are educating yourself with the latest trends and be double sure that you are taking care of YOU.. Maintain a healthy work life balance. If you are not healthy you are no good to anyone and lord knows how many people are depending on YOU… Can I get a Witness??

Girl, invest in YOU. You are worth it… Your family deserves the BEST YOU..

But most of all CHOOSE HAPPY.


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