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X?X?X?X is the MAIN Thing You Need To Make $ Online!

What is the ONE thing you need to make money online?


If you are not getting people to your offer then you are dead in the water…

Cold Traffic Sources:

>> Email Marketing
>> TikTok
>> Pinterest
>> Facebook
>> LinkedIn
>> YouTube

Cold traffic is people coming to your offer and they know nothing about you they don’t know the product… They just happened to click a link or you drove them to your product somehow and they are looking at your opt-in page all ready to give you their email so they can find out more.

Drive Traffic to YOUR Offer with a catchy post/ad.
Some ways are free traffic methods and some are paid. There is a BIG difference between these two.

Both can work. PERIOD.

A few great ways to create free traffic:

>> TikTok
>> Pinterest
>> Facebook

A few Paid Traffic ways:

>> Google paid ads
>> TikTok paid ads
>> Facebook paid ads

Let’s start with a FREE traffic method that you can start using TODAY…

TIKTOK… Ohhhhhh how I love TikTok…
If you need a quick and basic training to get you started on TikTok CLICK HERE, NOW!

TikTok is super powerful so do not sleep on this… WAKE UP… Understand that there are billions of users on this platform that are just waiting to see YOU and YOUR Offer.

High-Level Affiliate Marketers love using TikTok to Grow their bank accounts…

Just like every other platform, TikTok is up and down… But the best advice that I can give you is to be CONSISTENT…
200 views = getting your message/offer out to 200 people for FREE. SAHWEET…

200 sound way big to you? I promise you that it will happen before you know it… Heck, you will have one or two videos that will get way more views than that…

***If you are not on TikTok RIGHT NOW… Go here RIGHT NOW… and Get set up… Then come back to this post… SERIOUSLY… Go HERE, NOW! I’ll wait for you…


NOW… I feel much better… You have your TikTok (FREE TRAFFIC SOURCE) up and ready to roll.

I want to help you get your time down to under 15 minutes a day to post your post on TikTok.

And YES, you need to post at least one post a day. EVERY DAY… I am talking 15 minutes a day if you choose to do them daily (You can set them up all in one day and spend an hour or so getting them all ready in one day, for your week or even month)!

How do I even know what to make my TikTok about??
SIMPLE ANSWER: Find someone who is promoting what you are promoting (similar) and freakin do what they do. PERIOD.

Don’t want to talk??? No problem. Video and Point… Then ad captions to where you are pointing. Those seem to be the best ones anyway….

Duet other’s videos. Click on Duet and then you just video yourself beside of their video. Super cool and fun.

Hashtags are important, too.

I will get into that in my next post.

So come back to see me… I will leave the light on for ya… lol

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