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Yes or No: Is The Struggle Real?

Is the Struggle Really Real??

YES, I believe it is really real.  But it is up to you to continue in that struggle or move on… 

It is time you stop the struggle!

What is your choice? Choose to move on…

Now I am not saying that it is easy or that you won’t slip every now and then but what I am saying is you need to make the choice to change.

FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS is your best friend.

Some may say it is risky to focus on one thing at a time but the fact is you have to focus on one thing, get it solid, and then move to the next project.

It won’t be easy, you will have to train your brain to focus.

I love the saying “If you try to sit on two chairs, you might fall in between them…  So choose one chair”

This will not happen overnight so stay the course.  The outcome will be worth it and you will be amazed at what you are capable of doing when you FOCUS on the one main thing.

You have been blessed with many talents but the key is to focus on one at a time and master it and then move on to the next. 

When you focus and press on you will be forgetting your past and move forward to a better life.

The purpose of life is to be the best that you can be.  Focus on your number one talent/purpose and forget those things in the past and press on.

Looking in the past will only hold you back and confuse you.  Forget your past.  Stop allowing things from your past control your future.  Be like Elsa “Let It Go”

What exactly do you need to forget your past?

                              *First of all you have to forget your Successes…  Yep your successes…  Humble yourself and do not think you have arrived.  The past successes will not help you NOW.

Successes’ are harder to forget than our Failures.  We all want to forget those…  But in order to succeed in the future and FOCUS on your Future Success you have to Forget Your Successes.

                              *Don’t worry, you also have to forget your failures…  Yes….  Things that are haunting you forgetting your mistakes.  We all have things that need to be forgotten.

The past can hinder you from going forward.  Focus on going forward on your purpose on your plans.

You have to be willing to go for your success with faith…  You have to know that your success depends on you being focused and having faith.  Release any negativity at all in your life and around you.  You don’t have time for that…  You are on a mission.  A mission of Faith and Success.

You have been prepping for your future.  It is time now to move forward, focused on your success and your purpose. 

Focus on the prize…  Press forward… Stay Focused…  You got this…

I am using this system to help me stay focused and on track.  Check it out HERE it just might be what you need to help you stay focused on your success and reach it…

Find your passion and choose one chair.

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