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Your Online Business Struggles

Sitting here thinking about all of the messages that I get when you awesome members joined our community…

Here are a few of the answers to what you are struggling with in your business:

*figuring out how to start with no extra money to put towards

*Getting Leads



*Balancing it with my 9-5, creating a sustainable routine.

*getting momentum going


*Finding customers

*creating leads for my business

*Not having enough time during the day

and the list goes on and on…


I have a solution for you…

It may not be the solution that you wanted to hear but it works.

Put your mind to work and follow it every day… You have to get your mindset clear that you are working to make your online side hustle/business /opportunity (or whatever you want to call it)

And know that YOU are going to do what you need to do every day and YES that means on days that you don’t want to do them and days that you think nothing is working so what tha heck…

This solution is finding an online business that is right for YOU… Not one that everyone says is the best… (Although you do want a good, solid, ethical business).

How do you find that RIGHT business? Good question…

and the answer is this… you find someone that you trust (like me!) someone who has been in this online business world and has seen the good bad and ugly…

Someone who is going to tell you the truth and not just what they want you to hear to get you started in a certain business.

Listen, I do have my favorite businesses and programs and I will suggest them to you IF they are the right fit for you…

The key is to find a program/business/opportunity/side-hustle that you will enjoy doing. For example, if you don’t like doing lives, on social media, then don’t choose one that requires that. If you don’t like calling people and talking with them then don’t choose one that requires that.

Basically, choose one that you will like doing. BUT remember that they all take work and consistency. These are not magical programs that work themselves.

For instance, I used to like going out to do face-to-face demonstrations of products that I sold. Well, guess what? I no longer like doing that. And that is OK.

Make sure that you don’t think that you have to do things that you hate to make money online. That is just not true.

BUT… you do have to do the work and be consistent…

With this said I have a free form that gives you a few of my favorite online businesses and programs as well as (for a limited time) I am offering a FREE 15-minute chat to help guide you in the right direction. >> Get all of that HERE <<

Ultimately, the choice is yours but know that you do not have to do this by yourself.

That is what our Community is all about.


P.S. Get the FREE Form HERE

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