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5 Ways to Make Your Brand Relatable & Stand Out!

Have you ever wondered how people make it easy for people to find them?

Heck have you ever wondered what is so important about “Branding” yourself?

It wasn’t that long ago when it was only the HUGE Corporations that were branding themselves… We didn’t even think it was possible for us to be a BRAND.

Now, it is absolutely necessary for you to Brand yourself and make your brand relatable so that everyone will have no questions as to what you are offering or what services you provide.

You have to make sure that you are grabbing your audience’s attention enough that they are clicking on YOU! It has definitely been proven that in today’s society that only the successfully branded business have that “grabbing” power.

Not so many years ago it was not that important to brand yourself because the internet had not yet taken over our lives so it was not important for you to have a solid brand. You would go to the store, phone book, or newspaper to find what you were looking for without too much thought to who you were choosing. But now the competition and choices are overwhelming and to be chosen YOU MUST “RELATE” To Your Audience.

With everyone on the internet, now, we have tons of choices in every and any category right at our fingertips. People hate to wait or dig for information about what they are looking to buy, therefore, you want your business to grab their attention and to do that you have to be Relatable to Your audience.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to grow your business big or just grab a little business, making sure that your brand is relatable is the single most important thing you can do for the life of your business and here are 5 tips to help you do just that…

            1.  Build YOUR Brand

            When building a brand it is so very important to build it as it relates to YOU not someone else.  Make YOUR brand stand alone.  Make YOUR Brand one that attracts your target audience.  You want YOUR Brand to be Relatable to YOU and genuine.  Don’t try to be someone else.  You are the BEST YOU EVER…  Show everyone who YOU are..  Don’t be shy!  Let them know that you can solve their problem.

            For me, Patti Allred is simple, caring and has a passion to help others.  I love to be positive. I love coffee. And I love PURPLE.  I share that I get to do what I love, every day, while building my business and helping others.  I never take myself too serious because I naturally channel this into my business model.  I want to spread HAPPINESS and let others know that you can have fun while running a side hustle.  I attract like-minded people due to me being REAL when I put MY BRAND Out there on these internet streets!

2.  Share Personal Info

Don’t be afraid to share personal information about yourself to others.  This never hurts your brand it only lets people know that you are REAL.    Now, there is a limit to how deep you go when sharing personal stuff but you will know that line.  Go with your gut on that one.  But being open and real with your audience allows you to connect with them on a personal level and will help build your KLT factor.  Know, Like & Trust factor when building your BRAND/Business.

Now, I am not saying that you share things that you don’t need to be putting out there.  You definitely want to keep your business in mind.  Stay focused on your mission of what you are offering to solve your audience’s problems.

3.  Always Strive to Be the Best

In this very crowded marketplace you want to not only come across at the BEST you want to BE the BEST.  With that said you want to always be trustworthy and unique.  Willing to put your all in to making something or offering something that people will be happy that they invested in and to do this you must be your very best.  You will need to always be educating yourself so that you can educate and take care of your audience.  By doing these things all of your hard work will pay off and your customers will love you forever…

4.  Get to Know Your Clients

Don’t come off as a robot or app to your clients..  There are enough automated tools out there already.  Give them personal attention and make sure that you make them feel SPECIAL because they are.  Get to know your audience and get to know them well.  Find out what your audience is needing.  What problems they are having and how you can help them.  Do this by spending time where they are:  On Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.  Engage with them and ask questions.  Real question and REAL engagement.  Build a KLT Know, Like & Trust relationship with them.  Let them know and feel that you genuinely care.  It’s will make them feel good and will help you grow.  It’s a win for everyone!

5.  Provide Free Value

Everyone likes FREEBIES…  Always give out your most valuable information freely.  Well give out some of it…  Don’t be stingy with your knowledge… You want to offer your audience free information that they will think they should have paid money to get…  Value is always good.  It is the ONLY way to Brand Yourself.  You are solving a problem for your audience as well as gaining trust in them.  They will want to be with you for a long time.  And that, my friend, is exactly what you are wanting to do with Making Your Brand Relatable.

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