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How to Stop the Social Media Hustle & Still Build Your Business…

How to stop the social media hustle and still build your business….

Tell me now….. Right???


Social Media is AWESOME and you definitely don’t want to cut it out all together but YOU DO want to be smart, cover your behind and make sure that you will still have a business if they all go away, right??

Social Media GONE?? How do I grow my business?

You can start by making sure you have a LIST.. YES, YOUR email list.. = YOUR BUSINESS!

Quick Tips on what to do to start or grow YOUR LIST:

*Create a lead magnet…  (Something that you are giving away for FREE that will solve someone’s problem.  Make them be drawn to it by what you are offering).

               Create something that will attract your ideal customer

               Should be so good they would have paid for it

*A Few Types of lead magnets:


               Mini course

               VIDEO SERIES




*TIP:  Have a “call to action” in every video, Live, IG posts, Tweet, FB Posts, TikTok, Email, YouTube description, or whatever form of advertising you are using, for your potential client to easily grab your free lead magnet.  This will help to grow your email list and help you build your business on autopilot

@@@@ Remember that the Systems and Structures are NOT the SOLUTIONS…  The Solution is what works for YOU with YOUR Energy…  You get to decide what is going to work for YOU.  It is about YOUR ENERGY and HOW YOU FEEL.  YOUR EMOTIONS…  Everyone wants to FEEL BETTER…  So FEEL the FEELING Before it even shows up…  BAM…  How you feel is how you are…  The money is not attached to your action…  it is attached to your EMOTIONS…  Your FEELINGS…

Choose HAPPY Errrrdayyyy!

               (I want to give you permission to trust yourself as I do not have an absolute…  find what works for you…. Do it…  Borrow what is working for me until you find your space.  Do whatever works for YOU.)  Do what works for YOU because people are going to buy YOUR ENERGY… 

The system will actually save yourself time, energy and money… YASSSS!!!!

You gotta grab your audiences attention and get their info… How do you do that?

You start growing your email list with a simple (Capture) Opt in page (tells what you are giving away to help them)……   I Use Clickfunnels (grab your free trial here) **tons of how to videos inside!!


Then before you let your audience go…. Send them to what is called a Bridge page…(A place to give them more info and a chance to sign up for or buy something that you offer them) So, before you let them go…..  (Offer a special product for sale)(Invite to Facebook group)(Invite for discovery call) grab this exclusive one time offer.  (Make sure it is congruent with what you are offering for free) (Usually the offer is less than $100)  Put your testimonials on THIS Page…

               What are some things you could offer?  (Video) How to write short but powerful emails that sell. Something that is of value to them but will want them coming back to YOU for more…..

Along with the Bridge Page you will be starting them in one of your Personally Branded Email Follow-up Campaign with Aweber, Get Response or another lead capture/ email tool.

@@@Now they are on your email list… boom.  They are targeted list of people that you can communicate with to let them know what you have to offer to help them get to the next step.

Build YOUR Own email list and YOU will be:

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