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Small and Short but POWERFUL…

Small and Short but POWERFUL… Hummmmmm???

This one little word is Extremely Powerful yet we throw it around all the time like it is nothing…

What word is this?? NO

Check out my quick little video on NO, NO, Just NO, HERE

You say it, I say it… Everyone says it.. NO..

Most of the time you don’t like for it to be said to you… but a lot of times it is the best thing that could ever be said to you. Can I get a Witness??

Sometimes it is one of the hardest words for you to say. Can I get another Witness?

Such a small word. Two little letters.. Two of the easiest letters to write but they come with such a HUGE Punch.

Have you ever known anyone like that?? Our 3rd and last child (which if he had been first would have been our ONLY Child) is like that. He is little but never knew it. That is great when you are a football player or sneaking up on people but sometimes it is not to your advantage (like when you are a first responder and you are the only one who will fit in that crushed car). So being small can have it’s advantages and disadvantages.

As an entrepreneur I am sure you have heard these: *No I don’t have enough TIME. *No I don’t have enough MONEY or *No I don’t have any SUPPORT. Those are probably 3 of the top ones. Heck I know I have used them on many occasions, have you?

But the truth is that Not having enough time, money, support or whatever is or at least should be the freakin reason to make a change and go after that Side Hustle, like your life depended on it, because in reality Your Happy Life does.

I say it and say it… If you are not having fun… what is the freakin point?? Make some changes… What do you have to lose?? A job you hate? Answering to a boss that is a total @$$? Driving hours to work? Buying clothes that you never would spend your money on if you didn’t have to wear them to that job that you hate working for that boss that is an @$$????

Yeah Yeah Yeah…. I know you have a mortgage and kids to feed.. You need to pay the light bill and water bill. You have a car payment and everything else that we all have. But what I am saying is START PUTTING YOUR PLAN IN PLACE. Start working and building that Side Hustle. Heck what is the worse that can happen??

Think about what could happen. You could end up with $300 – $500 extra dollars a month. Would that help out? You could end up with some new friends that have the same goals as you do. Would that be a bad thing? Or think of this… You could end up replacing your job you hate income with a side hustle that you actually like doing.

WOW… If you keep doing what you are doing… in a year from now where will you be? What will your life look like?

Probably the same or maybe even worse… Sad but true…

On the other hand… Let’s say you take my advice and check out my top recommended side hustle for beginners and you make a few extra dollars and you keep doing it consistently for a year… Would things look better??? I am gonna go with YES…

How would it feel to not stress at Christmas time when you want to buy those gifts for your family and loved ones?

How would it feel to pay off your car early? Or make extra payments on your mortgage? Or go on a vacation??

I know how it feels and it feels DAMN GOOD…. Yep, I said it…

If you have not heard ANYTHING that I have said… Hear this:


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