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Squirrel… Squirrel… Squirrel

I swear I have the biggest SQUIRREL Syndrome….. Can you relate??

You have great plans to get so much done, you may have even made a list or written it out on your handy white board but the next thing you know it is several hours later and you are still on your first To Do line…

I call it the Squirrel Syndrome because I can be right in the middle of doing something and all of a sudden BAM something grabs my attention and I am off chasing that dang Squirrel.

Can I get a witness?

Do you ever find yourself realizing that it is Saturday and you think “Wow, I had so much that I wanted to get done, last week and here it is almost NEXT week.” Does that mean we have failed? Well it doesn’t mean that we totally succeed but not necessarily failed. Reflecting on what kept you from reaching your goals and getting your To Do List done will help you set your schedule to better fit your life for next week.

Sometimes it takes time and a lot of the time it gets messy trying to get your mind focused on what you have to do to get your MUST DO Task done.

You may want to try getting yourself a kitchen timer, you know one of those that does not require batteries, you just wind it to the amount of time you want. Then you set it for 20 minutes and you work on one of your TO DO List items for 20 minutes of non interrupted, focused minutes. You may need to close your door, turn your notifications off on your computer and definitely shut your phone off. Really, 20 minutes will not kill you or anyone else if you shut your phone off for that amount of time. I know you were thinking that… I thought it, too. But ain’t nobody died, yet from it.

A couple more tips that can help you is turning off your email notifications on your phone and computer. I didn’t realize how many time I was in the middle of getting something done and PING (that must be the noise a Squirrel makes) and there I go… Chasing that dang squirrel.

Things that you can do while spending time watching the game with your hubby or relaxing while getting ready for bed: Check your emails, Reply to comments on social media, Send Happy Birthday messages, Check your messages and maybe watch a few TikToks. Things that do not have to be done before the end of the day can be done during those times and help you stay on track getting your MUST DO things done.

It is so easy to think that you can just check one email or watch one post or peak at one TikTok without getting sucked down that scroll hole… But then 1, 2 or even 3 hours later we realize that we just wasted tie that we can’t get back. Can I get a witness..

I think we are all guilty of chasing that dang Squirrel way too often but it is not a failure it is just a short detour and one that we can get control over with making sure that we map out our MUST DO LIST and Shut off those nagging notifications that can cause us to go squirrel hunting.

This is so worth getting a hold on so don’t give up on changing your life from Frazzled to Focused. Taking baby steps are better than taking no steps at all. You will find what works best for you and when you do run after that instead of squirrels.

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and rest your brain but make sure that you take a few hours one day a week to make your list and then do the necessary steps to make those checks on your list until it’s all checked off.

Being organized is a great place to start. You got this…

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  • Darla
    Posted November 4, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Lol I call myself a creative squirrel! I will be prepping and cutting card stock and I get an idea after seeing a scrap piece of paper.


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