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To Your Rescue…..

Yesterday I was on a Zoom with some other awesome ladies. I was not going live because I was babysitting and had CoCoMelon going pretty loud.. lol…

But when my sweet mentor called on me I decided to pop in and here is what they saw:

Fire Fire Fire…..

I had planned on just popping in the turning my camera off but……. they allllll loved it. You know why?? Because I was being ME.

I don’t know any other way to be. And I want to give YOU permission to be “YOU”!

My days are different. My mind works different. My verbiage is different (and alot of the time wrong). My dress is ALWAYS casual (I am the jeans and usually purple shirt gal). My house is like a drive through for my family and my adopted family (and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My floors need to be cleaned (not my favorite thing to do). My music goes from one spectrum to the other song after song. My car sits in the driveway most days and never moves (I love staying at home and that is OK). I have a huge office but I am usually working from my bedroom corner or my living room with a tv table. My kids and all of their friends know that they can come here ANYTIME and I will feed them and listen to them (They also know that I don’t allow drinking or drugs here and they respect that). I could go on and on and on…… but I will save more for another post..

I tell you this because I help busy women who work a 9-5 but want to start a Side Hustle to take a load off of their shoulders and bring in an extra income….. but my training is different from others… I can only train ONE WAY… The Patti Way.. Some like it some don’t and that is OK.
I don’t know the answers to everything.. I have had many failures… I sometimes don’t want to do my daily tasks… Get the picture? I am an average women who has a passion to HELP YOU..

I promise to be me and be real. I promise to bring you value and bring it to you in a way that YOU will understand and can follow along at YOU Pace. (You can go FAST or SLOW). I am growing daily and I want to share my Wins with YOU and help you WIN.

So if that is something that sounds good to YOU.. Hit me up and see what training courses that I have available, now!

Yes, Yes, Yes…. I do have some spots for One on One Coaching and you are more than welcome to ask me for my prices and packages if that is something that you are looking for… Nope, my time is not free nor is it cheap but I will help YOU.

OK, my mind is READY to get back to some training that I am in the middle of doing…. I love learning…

Choose Happy!

My final word for YOU for today…. OK, it’s two words.. CHOOSE HAPPY! It is ALWAYS the BEST Choice!

To Your Success,


Your Side Hustle Solutions Coach!

Creator of #COINS

Clear Online Income Now System

Teaching YOU to Grow One Step at a Time!

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